Grassroot Adventure Activism: Inspirational Movements for Positive Change

The purpose of adventure and its restorative, exhilarating impact on self, society and the environment is unique to each of us, creating myriad opportunities to build inspiring stories from the ground up.

This opening panel focuses on the grassroots impact of individuals and movements that have defined exciting new transformative paths for the benefit of the environment, society or both.

These real-life examples all demonstrate courage, overcoming fear and the birth of dynamic organisations which are creating sustainable futures for themselves and others, all led by inspirational people who feel deeply enough to transform lives and make a difference.

Moderator: Chris Shirley, The Hiatus Journal / Tales of Adventure


Can running end homelessness? Adventure is all relative.

The Running Charity’s Programmes coach, Claude Umuhire, will talk about his journey from homeless young person to marathon runner, and how he now works to transform the lives of homeless young people in the UK.

– How Claude became homeless, ending up on the streets of London, and how the power of running would not only go on to change his life but hundreds of more young people

– Why The Running Charity believe their running programmes equip and instill the tools for those most vulnerable in society to transform their lives

– A case study of a young person Claude has worked with

– How people can get involved in their work.

Sail Britain aims to inspire positive change for the oceans through sailing.

Oliver Beardon will share how his organisation works towards cultural exchange and ocean literacy through exploration, education and learning how to sail, welcoming people from all backgrounds, and particularly those for whom sailing is inaccessible.

Read more about Sail Britain.

A startup social enterprise empowering women through water.

Alice Gartland brings more swimspirational, real-life, awareness raising, humorous stories and advice from women who love the water to this year’s edition. Her women’s swimming collective (A Lotus Rises) run workshops and inspirational talks on swimming and empowerment. There’s also a regular Sunday Swim Social.

In April 2018 An international team of women from across Europe and the Middle East successfully skied together to the North Pole in April 2018, despite being predominantly novices. The expedition aimed to foster greater dialogue and understanding between women from Western and Arabian cultures, as well as to inspire all women to reach beyond the expectation of others and fulfil their own life ambitions.

Misba Khan will share her North Pole story to show people that all abilities, ages and backgrounds can get involved in these activities and push themselves for their own self-development.




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