Taking Action: Sustainability and Empowerment in Everyday Life

ICA Cinema

This session will you help turn inspiration into action and highlight the small, medium and big steps you can take towards a more sustainable way of life.

Life is busy. Distractions fly in from every corner of our lives, it seems everything revolves around a neo-binge culture. Our attention spans our significantly decreasing, and thanks to smartphones a recent stat even suggests humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish (8 secs vs 9 secs). No wonder it’s overwhelming to even know where to begin to address environmental destruction and live more sustainably and doing ‘your bit’ to help. Why bother? Because everything you do, whether in the workplace or home or anywhere in between, you actually can make a difference. Yes you. And your best friend. Your brother, sister, partner etc.

Adam will talk about business sustainability, and share his plan on how he reduced plastic within Surfdome through a clear strategy, awareness, empowerment and partnerships. The plan is transferable to any eco-initiative in the workplace. Adam will then talk about empowerment and how Martin Dorey’s 2-minute beach cleanup movement has developed into a global community and enabled people to take bottom-up action to make a difference.

You’ll leave this session inspired to go out there and setup your own movement, or simply participate in an existing one, whatever it may be. Because as a species, we are collectively responsible for the fate of our planet.

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