The Adventure Community Working Toward a World Free of Plastic Pollution

ICA Cinema

The severity of plastic pollution is critical with estimates suggesting that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish; plastic pollution is an environmental and social justice issue and a global treaty is needed to tackle the problem (WEF).

The adventure community worldwide is playing an integral role in driving this issue up the agenda, highlighting the devastating extent of pollution in both marine and terrestrial environments. Our opening solution focused panel brings together a cross-section of activists, experts, business leaders and adventurers to challenge status-quo approaches and identify what’s needed from both supply-side and demand to protect our natural environments from further devastation. Perspectives will look at emerging substitute materials, the drivers of supply chain innovation and the scalability of circular economy approaches.

Unseen, educational video outlining the scale of the current challenge will be shown, plus expect practical advice on ways to reduce your own consumption and live plastic free, as well as strong calls to action from the adventure community.

Adventure Environment Plastic Pollution