Adventurers for Conservation: Protecting our Pristine Environments through Creative Awareness and Action

ICA Cinema

By means of exploration and immersion in nature, adventurers are so often at the heart of conservation efforts, campaigning for the protection of our pristine environments and raising awareness of the devastation and destruction caused by increasing populations and over-consumption worldwide. These three visual presentations from world-class creative, explorers will display the power of adventure and film/photography in supporting, documenting and accelerating conservation efforts across the world.

Jody Daunton: Chair
Jody from Another Escape will introduce the speakers and take questions from the audience – Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle and sustainable living journal that celebrates the stories of passionate people inspired by nature, co-founded by Jody.

Ian Finch: Back to Basics
Leaving the DSLR and smartphone behind, Ian will share his ‘Kodak 27 Images’ story, shot via a simple Kodak camera, from his latest trip across the Lake District on foot. Through traditional photographic methods, this session will remind us how important it is to learn about, be aware of and connect with nature to capture powerful moments when documenting the environmental story of an expedition.

Oliver Steeds: Sustainable Ocean Governance through Deep Water Exploration
The deep ocean is now arguably our greatest and most critical frontier. Today, we have better maps of Mars than we do of our own seabed, at least 95% remains unexplored and only 5% is protected. The deep ocean is the beating heart of our planet creating oxygen, water, food and a stable climate – but we don’t know how our planet’s heart functions or how healthy it is. We know human activities are increasingly disrupting the deep ocean and damaging its resilience to support life. Against this backdrop and through unseen footage and photos Oliver shows us the impact of his first Mission on scientific research, capacity development, ocean policy and public engagement and education.

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