Alice Gartland

Founder of A Lotus Rises, Consultant & Social Entrepreneur

Alice is founder of A Lotus Rises, the Women’s Swimming Collective, on a mission to increase visibility, access and participation of women in swimming. Alice believes that learning to swim is a human right, and that whether you’re swimming your first 25 metres, splashing in tarns or crossing the English Channel, swimming is a gateway to positive change, empowering our lives both in and out of the water.

Alice discovered open water swimming after being knocked off her bike by a lorry, on her way to work as a corporate lawyer in the city and the day before her 31st birthday. Waking up on the tarmac as commuter traffic circled past her, too busy to stop to help, Alice realised it was time to change her path.

Since then Alice has pursued her passions of writing, social justice, water and the outdoors. She is contributing Editor of Outdoor Swimmer Magazine, lead scientist at the International Institute of Swim Cake Studies, a qualified swim teacher, Mandarin speaker, China specialist and entrepreneur. She is particularly proud to be attending a fellowship programme with the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

When not in or writing about water, her research and advocacy on anti corruption, responsible business and the rule of law have taken her to China, India, No.10 and the UN.

A Lotus Rises Alice Gartland

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