Becky Horsbrugh

Foreign News Journalist, Associated Press & Outdoor Swimmer

Becky works full-time as a foreign news journalist for Associated Press, concentrating on Asia. Swimming, however, is her real passion and something that occupies much of her spare time as she loves being in the water, as well as being a qualified swim teacher. Earlier this year Becky visited Bangladesh to help with a drowning prevention scheme that is now being implemented. Her visit came about after she read a staggering 50 children a day die in the water in Bangladesh. In the UK that figure is around 50 children a year. Becky felt she had to help somehow and found a village run by a British charity that was happy for her to visit and help out.

Becky’s experience opened her eyes to the fact that having the ability to swim is so important, especially in countries such as Bangladesh where no home is too far from any kind of water, and flooding is a major issue. Next year she plans to return to the country to swim the ten mile Bangla Channel in the seas near Cox’s Bazar, to highlight the work of the drowning prevention schemes. Becky will be the first British person to attempt the swim. She will also be back to assist with further swim training programmes that can hopefully alter the terrible drowning statistics for the better.

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Social Impact and Change through Responsible Adventure

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Through a short series of unheard talks, this motivational session challenges the notion of escapism and individualism to demonstrate the impact of responsible adventure in inspiring positive social change. With the modern backdrop of social fragmentation, fear and instability three inspirational speakers will share their experiences and stories of how responsible adventure facilitates cross-cultural understanding, […]

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