Bex Band

Founder, Love Her Wild

In 2016 Bex discovered an absolute love of all things adventure and conservation. It has since led her to take on exciting expeditions all over the world from hiking the length of Israel, setting up a whale shark conservation project in Tanzania and kick scooting the length of the USA.

Bex stresses she is not sporty, wealthy, tough or from an outdoorsy family. When she first started enjoying outdoor pursuits she struggled with confidence and feeling like an imposter in the competitive and masculine world of adventure.  She firmly believes that adventure can and should be enjoyed by all. So in hope of inspiring others and breaking down barriers, she set up a blog, The Ordinary Adventurer (www.theordinaryadventurer.com) to share her journey and also founded Love Her Wild (www.loveherwild.com), an adventure community for women.

My Sessions

The Future of Adventure: What Trends Lie Around the Corner?

Adventure expeditions and travel¬†continue to grow and transform, presenting opportunities to embed sustainable practice across all areas – such as in slow or micro-adventures, adventures with a purpose and those that integrate wellbeing and mindfulness. Which new technologies and approaches have the greatest potential to embed sustainability? How can we begin to transform our perceptions […]