Chris Shirley

Founder, The Hiatus Journal

After a decade of adventures as a Military Police bodyguard and a Royal Marines Commando Officer; at 33 years old – Chris embarked on a year of global discovery to find his new purpose. Leaving a comfortable job in the BBC’s prestigious ‘High-Risk operations’ team, he travelled to war, post-conflict and disaster zones to seek a new purpose in the world.

In Afghanistan – a country sadly characterised by war; he met mountain bikers riding in a city dominated by suicide attacks, skiers racing backcountry powder runs in a remote mountain village paradise and parkour gymnasts risking their lives to practice on an 18thcentury British fort. Unexpectedly, he found the region to be a hotbed of resilient young leaders redefining their culture through adventure, endurance and challenge.

With such experience, Chris is ideal the ideal host t0 moderate our first panel on “Grassroot Adventure Activism: Inspirational Movements for Positive Change.”


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Grassroot Adventure Activism: Inspirational Movements for Positive Change

The purpose of adventure and its restorative, exhilarating impact on self, society and the environment is unique to each of us, creating myriad opportunities to build inspiring stories from the ground up. This opening panel focuses on the grassroots impact of individuals and movements that have defined exciting new transformative paths for the benefit of […]

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