Eleanor Church

Documentary Filmmaker and Photographer, Lark Rise Pictures

Eleanor has been making films and taking photos for over 15 years. Her interest in people, the environment, politics and how the world works had led her to film in over 22 countries, often in challenging environments, always with the aim of finding the best way to share what she has experienced through film and photos.

At the heart of what she does is finding ways to interest people in issues they never knew they cared about – from illegal industrial fishing in West Africa to a “climate neutral” cotton supply chain in India to community land buyouts in the Highlands of Scotland to eliminating Meningitis A in Ethiopia. She has recently returned from filming and photographing eXXpedition’s all-women 3000-mile sailing expedition from Hawaii to Vancouver through the North Pacific Gyre. Onboard, the multi-disciplinary crew were collecting data on microplastics. She has two small children – both girls – who are already showing signs of having adventurous spirits.

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My Sessions

The Role of Film in Communicating Adventures with a Purpose

Ellie, a seasoned adventurer and film producer, will be joined by fellow Directors to explore some of the latest films documenting sustainable exploration. The panel will discuss the ideas and creative processes behind their powerful works – as well as giving the audience a sneak preview of their latest films!

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