Ellie Mackay

Award-winning filmmaker specialising in conservation, healthcare and education documentary worldwide

Ellie is an experienced speaker, adventurer, educator and ‘biologeek’. She has undertaken multiple solo expeditions over the past decade, including summiting the ten highest volcanoes in SE Asia and living with indigenous tribes in Papua New Guinea. She has led scientific field trips and educational programmes across four continents and documented a global conservation project with a multi award-winning feature film. She is a keen environmentalist and advocate of enriching education for young people from all backgrounds. When not in the depths of the jungle, Ellie is an avid scuba diver, travel writer and photographer, a novice yoga enthusiast and collector of scientific curios.

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The Adventure Community Working Toward a World Free of Plastic Pollution

ICA Cinema

The severity of plastic pollution is critical with estimates suggesting that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish; plastic pollution is an environmental and social justice issue and a global treaty is needed to tackle the problem (WEF). The adventure community worldwide is playing an integral role in driving this […]

Adventure Environment Plastic Pollution