Emma M. Watson

Swimmer, runner (ish), cyclist (ish), workaholic, London lover

Emma has always strived to help others and she has aimed to align her career and personal life to this. Following science studies, she worked in the charity sector before returning to higher education to support education and research.  

Reflecting on her swimming life, she realised she has been swimming consistently, albeit leisurely, since her early teens. She took to open water swimming in 2012 on a whim having registered for a ~3km swim in the Thames in October. Since then, Emma has swum longer and longer distances, has parked her wetsuit for most swims, and is hoping to take part in a three-person Channel relay this year, or next if it’s postponed.  She has been #waitingforthecall since July and took the opportunity to raise awareness of endometriosis through a series of photographs of her in her channel relay team swimsuit in everyday situations, mainly in London but also including the top of Snowdon!  Through this series of images, she is also hoping to fight against body shamers and encourage women, and men, to find their way back to the water.

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Social Impact and Change through Responsible Adventure

ICA Cinema

Through a short series of unheard talks, this motivational session challenges the notion of escapism and individualism to demonstrate the impact of responsible adventure in inspiring positive social change. With the modern backdrop of social fragmentation, fear and instability three inspirational speakers will share their experiences and stories of how responsible adventure facilitates cross-cultural understanding, […]

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