Julian Sayarer

Award Winning Author, Journalist, and Adventurer

Julian grew up riding a bicycle into neighbouring counties and then countries. In his mid-twenties, having cycled a half dozen times across Europe to his second nation of Turkey, he broke a world record for a circumnavigation by bicycle – riding 18,049 miles through 20 countries in 169 days.

He has won the UK’s Dolman travel writing award, for an account of a hitchhiked journey through middle America, and he has travelled by boat to remote islands in Asia, chronicling a world and people at the edge of modernity. Julian combines a background in political science to create a critically acclaimed travel writing style – politics at roadsides.

In this way, and in writing and talks, he uses human stories and the perspective of travel to document global issues for a broad audience.


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The Future of Adventure: What Trends Lie Around the Corner?

Adventure expeditions and travel continue to grow and transform, presenting opportunities to embed sustainable practice across all areas – such as in slow or micro-adventures, adventures with a purpose and those that integrate wellbeing and mindfulness. Which new technologies and approaches have the greatest potential to embed sustainability? How can we begin to transform our perceptions […]