Matt Fenton

CEO, Inspired Ventures

Matt has loved travelling since as far back as he can remember. At a young age, he would constantly wander off, asking the question “I wonder what’s over there?”. He has always been fascinated by exploring the world, meeting new people and pushing his personal boundaries.

Matt spent a large chunk of his time in South America, after which he decided not to follow up on a 4-year masters degree in Geology, but instead to go into the travel sector. Since then he has worked to build several successful social enterprises and travel companies that take people out of their comfort zone to developing countries around the world to volunteer and experience new destinations and cultures.

More recently the businesses he built were bought by TUI Travel Plc, where he worked as a divisional head of operations, product and commercial. He has headed several large travel businesses specialising in different areas from events, ski, volunteer travel, experience travel, language courses to sports tours. He believes that travel is in his blood and will always be a major part of his life goals and aspirations.

“For me travel is less about seeing the sights and ticking off the countries, it’s about seeing things from a different perspective, getting to know people who live there, understanding their problems and looking at new ways to improve the status quo; generally inspiring people into creating a better life for themselves and others. There are so many issues around the world, and many of them can be solved with a different mind frame, both on an individual level and on a wider community level. I believe that people can come together to change the world but to do that people need to stop looking out for themselves and their own situation and look at how they can work together to achieve a wider goal. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Poverty is often a mind frame. This is evidenced by the attitudes of some of the poorest people I’ve come across who ironically have been the most content and happy.“


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Social Impact and Change through Responsible Adventure

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