Oliver Steeds

Founder, Chief Executive and Mission Director, Nekton

Oliver is the Founder, Chief Executive and Mission Director of Nekton, a charitable research institute dedicated to the exploration of the deep ocean. He is a leading explorer, submersible pilot, and a critically acclaimed, former broadcast journalist with NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel and Channel 4. He is also the co-founder of the educational non-profit, Digital Explorer and the Ocean’s Academy.

Oliver will talk about how the exploration of the deep ocean can drive its sustainable governance and draw on the impact he had on his first Mission across scientific research, capacity development, ocean policy and public engagement and education, but will focus on Nexton content (360 films etc and engagement with news media).

In brief, the deep ocean is now arguably our greatest and most critical frontier. Today, we have better maps of Mars than we do of our own seabed, at least 95% remains unexplored and only 5% is protected. The deep ocean – beneath 200m – is the beating heart of our planet creating oxygen, water, food and a stable climate – but we don’t know how our planet’s heart functions or how healthy it is. We know human activities are increasingly disrupting the deep ocean and damaging its resilience to support life. These changes affect all of us – our climate, food security, livelihoods, homes, resources, and even the oxygen we breathe.

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