Shilpika Gautam

World Record Breaking Adventurer for Purpose

Born and raised in India, Shilpika (Shilps) has spent most of her adult life living across three continents, juggling the roles of a full-time tech and finance professional, a storyteller and now an adventurer with purpose.

In January 2017 Shilps broke multiple world records & over 101 days and 3,000 kms became the first ever person to stand up paddle the river Ganges in India. For Shilps, what started out as an adventure to empower advocacy for cleaner water, quickly became intertwined with issues connected to deep rooted  structural dis-empowerment of women. This expedition also laid the foundation for Shilps’s longer term project research on climate refugees.

Shilps believes in using  ‘business’ to solve environmental challenges and the importance of measurable, scalable impact. Leveraging her understanding of financial markets and technology, she works closely with the Indian government and other independent organisations on projects as varied as creation of waste trading exchanges to constructing toilets to alternative currencies backed by natural capital.

Shilps has been the subject of multiple television documentaries and in 2017 her series on discovery channel India reached over 100 million people daily. When not juggling her various hats, Shilps can be found stand up paddling, wine sampling & sober dancing. Not necessarily all at the same time.

Shilps is currently based in London and you can contact her directly at @shilpsgautam or www.shilpikagautam.com 

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